Lexicon of Digitization: relevant terms and expressions of Industry 4.0

3D printing

A procedure of additive manufacturing.

Activity Streams

(Activity stream) Controlling the flow of information in companies and social networks

Additive Manufacturing

A primary shaping process.

AGV (Automated Guided Vehicles)

Automatic Guided Vehicles (AGV) are portable robots that ...


Application software (app) includes computer programs which are used to process or support (also mobile) a useful or desired non-systemic functionality


Advanced planning and scheduling systems (APS systems) are used in the production industry to support the planning functions according to the MRP-II method, for example, the current ERP and many PPS systems

Assistance Robot

See "Cobots"

Assistance Systems

Electronic auxiliary equipment to assist people in certain situations

Augmented Reality

Computer-assisted expansion of the perception of reality

Autonomous Vehicle

See "AGV"

Big Data

Identifies data volumes that are too large, too complex, too fast-moving or too weakly structured to be evaluated using manual and traditional methods of data processing

Brain-Computer Interface

A specific human-machine interface allowing a connection between the brain and a computer without activating the peripheral nervous system, e.g. the use of the extremities


See "Cloud Computing"

Cloud Computing

Approach to provide abstracted IT infrastructures dynamically adapted to the needs via a network


Collaborative robot (in short, Cobot) is an industrial robot that works with humans and is not separated by protective devices in the production process

Collaborative Robots

See "Cobots"

Connected Industry

See "Cyber-Physical Systems"

Content Analytics

See "Data Analytics"


Cyber Physical Production System – refer to "Cyber-Physical Systems"

Cyber Security

Protects the IT network and the terminal devices from internal or external attacks

Cyber-physical Systems (CPS)

Network of informatic, software components including mechanical and electronic parts which are connected via a data infrastructure, e.g. the Internet

Dark Factory

Pure robot and machine manufacturing hall without human cooperation

Data Analytics

Investigate of large amounts of data (big data) to identify hidden patterns, unknown correlations, and other useful information

Data Science

Extraction of knowledge from data.


See "Smart Device"

Digital Performance Management

A data-centered approach that continuously monitors, tests, and optimizes web and mobile applications to provide the best experience (user experience)

Digital Prototyping

Functional testing of new developments on "virtual" or "digital prototypes", i.e. on computer models, instead of necessary prototypes or test patterns

Digital Security

Protects the IT network and the terminal devices from internal or external attacks


Identifies the conversion of analog quantities into discrete (graded) values, for the purpose of storing or processing them electronically

DTS (Driverless transfort system)

See "AGV"

Embedded Systems CPS

CPS overall system consisting of several, partially autonomous embedded single systems


SAP HANA (English for high performance analytics application) is a SAP development platform for software applications, which essentially consists of an in-memory database

HMI - Human Machine Interface

The user interface is the point or action where a person comes into contact with a machine. It is usually tailor-made for humans

Human Augmentation

Expansion of human possibilities and augmentation of human performance

Human-Robot Collaboration

See "Cobotics"

Hybrid Cloud Computing

A concept of cloud computing. Such a cloud consists of private clouds and public clouds

In-Memory Analytics

Concept to reduce response times when requesting data

Industry 4.0

A concept originated from Germany (where it is known as "Industrie 4.0").

Intelligent Products

See "Smart Objects"

Interactive Assistance Systems

Mobile terminal or a wearable computer which is connected to the user via a feedback unit for the output of visual, acoustic and also haptic information

Internet of Services

Internet-based services and provision of software over the Internet rather than on-site installation; »Software as a Service« (SaaS)

Internet of Things

In the digital world, the (personal) computer is increasingly supplemented by "intelligent objects"


See "Internet of Things"


Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6), is a standardized method for the transmission of data in packet-switching computer networks, in particular the Internet


Automated information exchange between terminals, such as machines, automatic systems, vehicles or containers, between themselves or with a central control center, increasingly using the Internet

Mass Customization

Strategic company and production concept which, on the one hand, takes advantage of the mass production and, on the other hand, takes account of the customer needs of an individual product


Machine data acquisition describes the interface between machines of production technology and information processing


(MES) Process-oriented level of a multi-layered manufacturing management system. Often also: Production control system

Mobile Computing

Data communication by means of a mobile computer or tablet

Mobile Device

See "Wearables"

Mobile Health Monitoring

Support of medical procedures and health care actions, using smart devices/wearables, as well as lifestyle and health applications that can be operated by sensors


Umbrella term for all types of direct systematic recording, observation or monitoring of a procedure or process using technical equipment or monitoring systems


Near Field Communication, the abbreviation NFC is an international transmission standard based on RFID technology for the contactless exchange of data by electromagnetic induction

Paperless Manufacturing

Digitized production without the need for documents or accompanying data sheets in paper form


Production data acquisition is a collective term for the acquisition of actual data on states and processes in plants

Plug & Play

(PnP) property of a computer to connect new devices – mostly peripherals – without having to install device drivers or making settings

Plug & Produce

Plug in and produce. Components perform control functions of the master computer itself

Predictive Analytics

Part of data mining – uses statistical variables to calculate how something is going to happen in the future

Predictive Maintenance

Predictive maintenance is a vast field of maintenance in the context of industry 4.0.

Predictive Quality

Prediction and assessment of current and future process conditions by evaluating the processes which have been positive or negative in the past

Process Mining

Process Mining offers the possibility of reconstructing and analysing business processes on the basis of digital footprints, identifying weak points and carrying out best-case studies.

Realtime Yield Optimization

Variable price strategy in real-time, based on the understanding to anticipate and influence consumer behavior following the target of maximizing profit

Remote Maintenance

Remote maintenance solution to externally diagnose and maintain faults and problems of machines and plants


Technology for transmitter-receiver systems for the automatic and non-contact identification and localization of objects and human beings with radio waves


Robotics connects the physical world with information technology and systems, deals with planning, development, operation, control and use of robots and computer systems, networking and data processing.


Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is part of cloud computing. The SaaS model is based on the principle that the software and the IT infrastructure are operated by an external IT service provider and are used by the customer as a service

Self-Learning Robots

Intelligent, self-learning robots

Self-Optimizing Systems

Self-optimizing machines and systems by using big data analysis


A technical component which can capture certain physical or chemical properties and/or the material characteristics of its environment either qualitatively or qualitatively as a measured variable

Smart Advisors

Digital trained consultants

Smart Device

Electronic device, usually connected to other devices or networks via various wireless protocols such as Bluetooth, NFC, Wi-Fi, 3G, etc., which can work to some extent interactively and autonomously

Smart Factory

Production environment in which manufacturing plants and logistics systems are largely self-organizing without human intervention

Smart Machines

Intelligent machines

Smart Objects

Objects having capabilities which go beyond their original purpose due to the embedding of information technologies

Smart Products

See "Smart Objects"

Smart Robots

Support of human beings by robot technology within the scope of human-machine cooperation

Smart Services

Combination of physical and digital value-added services based on smart products

Smart Talents

Digitally trained employees provide, as smart talents, combined physical and digital services, which are increasingly offered "as a service"

Smart Workplace

Digitization of the working environment and creation of a mobile working environment through wearables and specialized software

Smart Workspace

See "Smart Workplace"

Social Media

Digital media and technologies that enable users to interact and to create media content individually or in the community

Speech-to-Speech Translation

(Mobile) translation

Use Case

(Use case) bundles all possible scenarios that may occur when an actor tries to use the system under consideration to achieve a specific business goal

Virtual Personal Assistants

Professional administrative, technical or creative support from other people or artificial intelligence via remote

Virtual Reality

Representation and simultaneous perception of reality and its physical properties in a real-time computer-generated, interactive virtual environment in real-time


Provision of physical hardware resources for virtual machines

Virtually Guided Self Service

See "Remote Maintenance" and "Virtual Personal Assistants"


Portable computer systems attached to the user's body during use


3D printing

A procedure of additive manufacturing.


Activity Streams

(Activity stream) Controlling the flow of information in companies and social networks

Additive Manufacturing

A primary shaping process.

AGV (Automated Guided Vehicles)

Automatic Guided Vehicles (AGV) are portable robots that ...


Application software (app) includes computer programs which are used to process or support (also mobile) a useful or desired non-systemic functionality


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