Digitization in the manufacturing industry with smart applications

The Forum for Digitized Industry helps industrial companies to successfully achieve a digital transformation in the context of Industry 4.0. For this purpose, we present user-oriented knowledge, best practices and solutions for digitized industries, combined with an overview of existing smart applications – the intelligent solution components of the digital industry. Working with us, your company can:

Learn more about our objectives and why you should join the Forum for Digitized Industry!

Become part of the community of users, interested parties and manufacturers of smart applications for the digitized industry!

Create your own network for developing your digital processes!

Configure your digital company through the selection of tailor-made smart applications!

Achieve a digital advantage with digital solutions and support business models 4.0 with digitized processes!


What we stand for

  • The Forum for Digitized Industry provides orientation for companies in the discrete industry and the process industry, so that they do not miss the digital opportunity - even if they do not have comprehensive resources for realizing cost- and resource-intensive research projects.
  • The Forum sees itself as an initiative of the industry for the industry! Information provision and networking is our goal.
  • The Forum depends on solution providers and provides information that is absolutely independent of applications.
  • It is all about the here and now! Industry 4.0 is not only a future vision - today we are already discussing smart and efficient processes, aligned to customer requirements, quality and effectiveness - to achieve operational excellence through digitization.
  • The Forum does not want to exploit shared knowledge for commercial profit but rather to prepare for qualification of specialists and managers of the operating areas.

Your Benefit as User

  • Prepared knowledge and a quick overview of the current opportunities offered through digitization.
  • Access to a variety of individual solutions (e.g. smart applications) of qualified providers and well-known manufacturers, but also of niche providers and fledgling companies.
  • A community of like-minded people, working actively to shape industry digitization.
  • Specific contacts for discussing or reflecting on digital projects.
  • Expert and guest contributions including experience reports as well as practical recommendations for digital transformation.
  • A comprehensive and constantly updated online lexicon of terms covering the topics of Industry 4.0 and digitization.
  • A readiness self-assessment to help you determine the maturity level for the implementation of smart applications and to allow benchmarking with other companies in your industry.

Your Benefit as Provider

Present your solutions for free:

  • on a provider-neutral, professional platform
  • with comprehensive features for your product presentation
  • for a public that is keenly interested in the digitization of your company
  • in a comprehensive solution database with intelligent search functions
  • without intermediaries, directly contacted by the interested parties

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