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Machine Failure Predictive Solution

KPIT Technologies GmbH / Deutschland 80797 Munich / www.kpit.com


KPIT developed and implemented an innovative, predictive modeling solution based on an advanced machine learning platform utilizing sensors to collect machine data and machine behavioral patterns. This solution includes installing a ‘black box’ containing sensors, on each machine, that records data and syncs with the backend system. This collected data is analyzed in real time using KPIT’s predictive algorithms to enhance failure prediction with improved diagnostic capabilities.

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► Improved job scheduling leading to better customer service

► Predictive model prevents unplanned outage of machines

► Higher customer satisfaction due to lesser downtime

► Higher revenue due to increased machine utilization


Implementierungsdauer: bis 3 Monate

Anwendungskategorien: Supply Chain / Maintenance & Service

Anwendungsfelder: Digital Maintenance & Service

Nutzfelder: OEE/Kennzahlen / Prozesseffizienz


KPIT is a global technology company providing IT Consulting and Product Engineering solutions and services to Automotive and Transportation, Consumer and Industrial Goods, Energy and Resources, Utilities, High Tech, and Life Sciences companies. We create smart, safe, and sustainable technologies and solutions to enable a better world that is more connected, intelligent, cleaner, and greener.



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