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iObeya – Digital Visual Management for Lean & Agile companies

KAP IT / FR 91300 Massy /

Product description:

iObeya virtualizes physical meeting rooms and whiteboards dedicated to all forms of Visual Management, offering an immersive, real-time collaborative experience for Lean and Agile companies. This digital solution remains very human-centric in its reproduction of current methodologies, paper-based meeting rituals and practices. Collaborating effectively between team members dispersed across several locations, making considerable savings on costly dedicated wall space, and securing the often sensitive information displayed on walls.

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Product highlights:
  • Versatile: adapts to all your sticky note meetings: Lean, Project Management, Brainstorming, Agile practices
  • Intuitive: works without training thanks to its immersive user experience
  • Effective: meetings are simpler to prepare, more productive with enhanced animation, participation
  • Easy to deploy: for all types of operating systems, devices
Product properties:

Implementation length: to 3 months

Application categories: E-Administration

Application fields: Digital Administration / IT & Security

Use fields: Ergonomics / Flexibility / Communication / Cost reduction / Customer focus / Process efficiency / Quality

Company profile:

Since 2005, KAP IT’s focus has been software and services, specializing in rich business applications. Our Agile DNA and deep knowledge of new user interactions inspired us to create iObeya™ as the new way of working.

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