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Factor-E Analytics GmbH / DE 10119 Berlin / http://factor-e.eu/

Product description:

FactorE.OS is our flexible IoT platform that automates and minimises shopfloor data acquisition, reinvents machine connectivity by monitoring and evaluating electrical power usage. FactorE.OS brings the digital revolution of IoT to your shopfloor. Regardless of equipment type and age, availability of industrial networks or even digital interfaces in your equipment. A cutting-edge machine learning stack analyses high speed, high volume data and transforms it into machine and production data in real time. Energy use is captured with minimal integration effort by cost effective, plug and play hardware in the electrical cabinet of your equipment.

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Product highlights:

► Cost-effective, factory wide machine connectivity

► Significant productivity and resource efficiency gains

► Minimisation of downtimes

► Lower IT and labour costs

Product properties:

Implementation length: to 12 months

Application categories: Maintenance & Service

Application fields: Digital Administration / Digital Factory Planning / Digital Maintenance & Service / Digital Order Management / Digital Production / IT & Security

Use fields: Production data acquisition / Energy efficiency / Flexibility / Integration / Intralogistics / Cost reduction / Customer focus / OEE/Performance indicators / PPS/MES / Process efficiency / Quality / Time-to-market

Company profile:

"We have identified the only language that all production facilities understand" Factor-E Analytics GmbH (FACTOR.E for short) is an innovative IT company from Berlin that uses its cloud based solution FactorE.OS to measure and analyze the electrical consumption of production plants to extract machine and production data. FactorE.OS thus achieves intelligent digitization, monitoring and networking of production plants. Regardless of equipment type and age, availability of industrial networks or even digital interfaces in production equipment, our software platform provides a quick entry into Industry 4.0 - bringing the digital revolution of the Internet of Things to your shop floor. What began as a research project at the TU Berlin has grown into a company that has received the Berlin Deep Tech and WECONOMY Award. The FACTOR.E is an alumnus of Microsoft Accelerator Berlin.

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