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The name App is colloquially used as an abbreviation for application (software) and refers to application software or an executable program. An app is not necessarily relevant to the functioning of the system itself but is used to solve user problems in areas such as word processing, spreadsheets, image processing, or computer games. While apps were initially used synonymously with mobile apps (from the iOS app store), desktop application software for Windows and Mac computers is now also referred to as apps. Apps can be divided into native apps and web apps. While native apps are written as small programs specifically for a corresponding operating system, web apps can be used as websites across systems because they run on a browser.

Meaning of apps

In the area of ​​mobile apps, there are over 3 million (Android) apps in the Google Play Store, while Apple “only” sells 2.2 million (i-OS) apps in its app store. If you look at these numbers and the various categories for which there are apps, you understand why Apple claims in an advertising slogan, "There is an app for everything". With this multitude of apps from online banking to various games to fitness apps, mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets can be individually adapted to the specific needs of the user. A similar situation also arises for companies these days: for every industry and almost every scope, there are now smart apps with which the needs of companies on the way to Industry 4.0 can be individually met. Only with the use of intelligent algorithms, as well as the necessary hardware requirements such as high computing speed and fast memory,  numerous benefits, the digitization offers a company, can be turned into tangible competitive advantages.

Application range of Smart Apps

  • Digital Supply Chain
  • Digital Sales & Customer
  • Digital Product Lifecycle (PLC) Management
  • Digital Order Management
  • People & Health
  • IT & Security
  • Digital Factory Planning
  • Digital Production
  • Digital Maintenance & Service
  • Digital Administration

In all of these fields, apps for efficiency improvements such as process efficiency, overhead efficiency, cost reduction, or energy efficiency or if economic growth is the current challenge apps for customer orientation, communication, flexibility, or time-to-market can be found. The same applies here: "there's an app for everything".

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